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Art summary 2016 by Maybleroses Art summary 2016 :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 2 0 The saviours of 2016 by Maybleroses The saviours of 2016 :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 13 0 Jade Pinkie Vitale by Maybleroses Jade Pinkie Vitale :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 8 0 Jade Vitale by Maybleroses Jade Vitale :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 6 0 Sweet Sugar Candy by Maybleroses Sweet Sugar Candy :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 8 0 Lexie by Maybleroses Lexie :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 6 0 Samurott by Maybleroses Samurott :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 11 0 Charles by Maybleroses Charles :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 8 0 Armin Arlert by Maybleroses Armin Arlert :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 15 1 Shake it!! by Maybleroses Shake it!! :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 12 0 Kuro and kenma by Maybleroses Kuro and kenma :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 13 1 Happy birthday Norway by Maybleroses Happy birthday Norway :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 9 0 Tigress by Maybleroses Tigress :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 30 2 so close yet so far by Maybleroses so close yet so far :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 8 0 Rgby month excitement by Maybleroses Rgby month excitement :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 2 0 Seasonal love by Maybleroses Seasonal love :iconmaybleroses:Maybleroses 1 0


Nuzlocke White: VS. N, Pt 2 by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: VS. N, Pt 2 :iconky-nim:ky-nim 768 237
five kinds of kisses. | tsukishima kei
five kinds of kisses. | tsukishima kei x gn!reader
i. after practise kisses
Tsukishima has practise every day after school. You'd wait for him every day. He tells you not to, but you do anyways because what kind of lover would you be if you went home, leaving your boyfriend alone to work hard and walk home by himself? Besides, watching him as he moves around the court is always interesting.
After practise ends, he is drenched in sweat and his breathing is a little heavy. You walk up to Tsukki, a towel in one hand and the other holding his drink bottle.
He accepts the water bottle silently; his Adam's apple bob as he drinks the water. "You know you don't have to wait for me every time I have practise," he says for the umpteenth time when he finishes his drink.
"I know," you reply, "but I do it anyways." You give him a crooked grin; you held up an end of the towel, gently dabbing the cloth to his sweat-streaked forehead.
Tsukishima tries to swat your hand away
:iconabsolute-emperor:Absolute-Emperor 661 128
The Trio of Awesome by MentalMeles The Trio of Awesome :iconmentalmeles:MentalMeles 37 5 Furry Situation 16 by Ipku Furry Situation 16 :iconipku:Ipku 339 70 Leave Me To Dream // Speedpaint by MentalMeles Leave Me To Dream // Speedpaint :iconmentalmeles:MentalMeles 47 5 Julius by Toeiya Julius :icontoeiya:Toeiya 136 30 Happy holidays by MagicBitch Happy holidays :iconmagicbitch:MagicBitch 15 2
My Kouhai's Other Senpai (Tanaka x Reader) [7/7]
“Can we go now?” Tanaka whined, arms stretched across the table, “We’ve been here so loooooong.”
You eyed your boyfriend carefully. It’s true, he’d been cooped up in library with you for nearly two hours now, and now that all of the food was gone, the boredom was starting to kick in.
“One more minute, okay? I just have to lock up.”
You rose from the table, stretching your arms above your head, hoping to shake off the drowsiness that came with daily tutoring. Picking up your bag you strode through the rows of books and turned off the lights, finally ready to leave for the night. You gave a last look to Tanaka, who appeared to be sleeping on the table.
His head jerked up as he gave a quick nod.
Silently the two of you walked down the empty street and towards your house. You had been following the same routine for several months now: Tanaka would bring you dinner in the library after Friday practices and then walk
:iconcornbread-queen:cornbread-queen 106 18
(Iwaizumi x Reader) Abuse of Power
"Can you believe it? Iwaizumi-kun just rejected me right there - in front of like, everyone! And Oikawa-san laughed! He totally just ruined my plan to get to Oikawa-san, ugh!" 
You rolled your eyes at your annoying seatmate, who seemed to use you as an outlet for her anger. You covered your face with your textbook, trying to drown out her unnecessary words and focus on the lecture at hand. 
"Yeah, yeah, Iwaizumi-kun didn't want to accept your fake feelings because he knew you were just using him as a pawn in your plan to get to your beloved Oikawa-kun. Really, a modern day love story, if I do say so myself. Want me to write about it?" You removed your textbook from your face after hearing sensei quietly tell you to knock it off, and looked at her blankly. "You really are a die-hard romantic." 
"This is what I get for sitting next to the most inconsiderate student council member on campus," she groaned, finally opening her text
:iconnanaseii:Nanaseii 275 20
Titles | Kageyama Tobio x Reader
Listen While Reading
Hello, hello
Anybody out there?

Cause I don't hear a sound
    The King of the Court.
    A selfish, undiplomatic king. 
    His voice was laced with venom, and his words were like poisonous shards--attacking anyone who didn't bend to his will.
    Soon people stood up for themselves; they stopped flinching at his spew of words, ignored his commands, and didn't even consider him as part of the team.
    And in the end, they all gave up on him.
    Sweat dripped from his brow, is eyes fixated on the sphere falling directly into his raised hands. He caught the ball, and tossed it behind him. Yet, to his horror, he could hear the deafening sound of the ball slamming onto the lacquered wood.
    "That damn Kindaichi." He said under his breath, and spun his heel, ready to scold the turnip hair
:iconroyaldere:royaldere 147 21
little steps. tsukishima x reader
“You can’t even score one point. Pathetic.”
“You’re worthless.”
“Why would we care about you?”
“You’re quitting? So weak.”
“Go die already.”
[E/c] orbs flew open suddenly.The female looked around, dazed, and recognized the silhouettes of the sleeping girls beside her. The voices on her head disappeared, and she extended her arm to reach out her phone. The screen lit up. She grimaced.
4:55 A.M.
With a quiet groan the teen got up from the futon and looked around, her eyes now used to the darkness, checking she didn’t wake up anyone. She got up silently and took slow steps to the door. Shaking hands opened it carefully and she slid outside the room as fast as she could, closing the door behind her.
The hallways were deserted, and the dim light the moon provided was enough for her to make her way to the stairs that connected the second floor with the first one. Ther
:iconhabbyrabbit:HabbyRabbit 223 33
Denmark x Reader: Hygge
You snuggled into the cozy couch and sighed in bliss as you hugged the soft pillow against your form. The weather was cold and you happily warmed yourself up in your boyfriend's oversized, bright orange hoodie. You were dozing between consciousness and slumber as you spoiled yourself with all these comforts.
And then you felt the couch slightly sink as someone crawled beside you. You groggily turned your head to spot a grinning, blond Dane behind you. 
"So that's where my hoodie went!" Matthias said as he snaked his arms around your waist and pulled you towards him.
You yawned, faced your back towards him, and resumed hugging your pillow "It's cozy."
He smiled and happily breathed in your sweet scent of pomegranates and mangoes, "It looks better on you though."
He continued to cuddle you in an attempt to have you turn around but to no avail. The most he got out of you were a couple of giggles and the occasionally blush but you continued to snuggle your pillow.
Matthias frowned, "(
:iconamayashi418:amayashi418 288 75
hetalia by tawashitobitamaru hetalia :icontawashitobitamaru:tawashitobitamaru 5,526 854
EnglandxReader~Finding Face~Ch 7
Finding Face~Ch 7~
Arthur was not in a good spot. He was hungry. His hair was a mess—it had traces of "kowalla" fur in it. He was tired. His wrists hurt. His parents were dead. His brothers thought he was a traitor. ___________ was somewhere else. Dotriba was plotting something awful. Above all else, the one person that could have been helping him at the moment was refusing to do as such.
"For the last time: could you please see if you can untie me?" he growled through his teeth that were clenched together from all of the frustration that was building up inside of him.
"It won't do you any good when they find out I helped someone like you," Tim said stubbornly.
"Really now?" Arthur snorted. Tim was testing his patience, and it was already growing thinner and thinner by the second. "In all seriousness, Tim, why are you here?"
"I told you already: I've got nothing to say to you," Tim replied simply.
Arthur let out a heavy sigh. He knew none of this was going to be easy, but n
:icongydrozmaa:GydroZMaa 54 39
Nuzlocke White: Thank you by ky-nim Nuzlocke White: Thank you :iconky-nim:ky-nim 771 42 Dreamy by LilyDragon14 Dreamy :iconlilydragon14:LilyDragon14 4 3


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hi i'm maddie and i love fantasy, all types of fairytales, the creatures, and the worlds. i also love anime and cartoons, very obsessed with different series and mangas


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